The Food Trust wanted a single image to communicate their unique approach to improving food access. We created a circular infographic to suggest movement and progress as well as the connection between The Food Trust’s programs. Each color-blocked quadrant features icons representing various initiatives—a carrot to represent Philly Food Bucks for example—and the typography and palette throughout reflect key Food Trust brands. We titled the graphic “Reimagining the Community Foodscape,” infusing industry slang with newfound excitement and potential. The infographic is designed to work in print and projected presentations and serves as the centerpiece of an interactive feature on their website.

“The challenge we asked Northfound to conquer was no small task. Our organization houses many programs that thrive on their own, but—more importantly—they also interconnect to create a whole that is stronger than its individual parts. We struggled to explain this idea without using tired cliches. Jen not only rose to this challenge but surpassed all expectations, taking a complicated concept involving many programs, partners and differing opinions and turning it into an informative, fresh and modern storytelling tool—one that succinctly gets across our message to a variety of audiences but can also grow along with our organization for many years to come. From the smallest of details (our favorite is the subtle elements of motion layered into each quadrant) to the title itself (we credit Jen with finding the perfect word to express the world in which we work—foodscape), this project is a clear representation of Northfound’s ability to bring ideas to life.”
carolyn huckabay, the food trust