The Reading Community Food Needs Assessment brochure addresses the issue of food access in low-income areas of Reading, Pennsylvania. Distributed to Reading Health System staff, this piece taps into the hospital’s existing brand, using a color block grid to give face to the diverse community represented within and adding maps and charts to illustrate key points of need. We incorporated a short-fold panel with straightforward infographics to call attention to the population impacted, highlighting things such as residents’ shopping habits, food sources and demographic makeup.

“The Reading Brochure was the first time we designed something for a hospital/healthcare audience, and Jen was very helpful in thinking through how to best design the piece for the intended audience and make sure that it had the feel we were looking for. Our client was very pleased with the end product and it ultimately was a useful piece for them to present to executive staff and community groups about programming and needs in the Reading community.”
stephanie weiss, the food trust

photography: Northfound