The Philly Food Bucks program helps low-income residents stretch their buying power at farmers’ markets by giving them coupons to buy more fresh produce every time they buy fruits and vegetables. We created tamper-resistant “bucks” with fluorescent inks and sequential numbering that allow farmers to easily identify and track authentic coupons. We further promoted the program, extending recognizable elements such as the carrot emblem, bright colors and sketched Philly skyline to table tents, market locator brochures, pennants and more.

Philly Food Bucks
table tents
farmers' market brochure
newspaper ads

“With our Philly Food Bucks program, one of our biggest marketing challenges is reaching a variety of audiences—from SNAP participants to community stakeholders. Jen’s thoughtful approach helps us convey complex messages that are clear, eye-catching and impactful to our diverse communities.”
meghan filoromo, the food trust

photography: Northfound