The Philadelphia Healthy Corner Store Network helps corner store owners stock and promote healthy foods—and turn a profit in doing so. Our work with this savvy initiative began with logo development—building meets basket—and quickly evolved into full-scale branding. We wrote and designed the Sell Healthy Guide, a toolkit that teaches store owners how to implement healthy changes; designed recipe cards, shopping resources and signage to direct customers; and collaborated on in-store kiosks called Fresh Corners, where customers can participate in nutrition demos and learn about improving their health through diet.

shelf banner
shelf talker
refrigerator lightbox sign and fresh produce tags
floor graphic
Philadelphia Healthy Corner Store Network
Fresh Corner kiosk with magnets, infill graphics and recipe cards
recipe cards
frequent buyer card
Fresh Corner kiosk
featured item tag
Sell Healthy Guides
Sell Healthy Guides
Sell Healthy Guide pocket and inserts
exterior sign
Inventory poster

“Northfound has been able to capture what our work is about in the look and feel of all of our materials, developing a brand for our initiative that translates beautifully across an array of applications. Jen is especially skilled at understanding our needs and developing creative, fresh and brilliantly simple design solutions with meticulous attention to detail not just to the design, but also to the marketing copy, how the materials will be used and displayed, and even the print logistics! Her designs work so well that our partners across the country are adopting them for their programming needs.”
brianna almaguer sandoval, the food trust

photography: The Food Trust & Northfound